Good morning Bitcoin: ‚98% of all BTC in the plus‘

The current price for one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently $12,972.13. That’s -0.15% more than 24 hours ago. If you want to buy bitcoin for $100 now you will get about 0.0077 BTC for this.

The total market cap is $240,313,157,690.59 with a circulation of 18,525,343 BTC.

As much as 98% of all Bitcoin (BTC) is at profit, due to the recent rally of the race. This appears from new research by Glassnode.

The market researcher from Berlin has looked at Bitcoin transactions that have not yet been issued. There is a technical term for this: Unspend Transaction Output (UTXO).

A UTXO is a bit of BTC, which you can prove is yours, because you hold the private key. In fact, it is a transaction that has not yet been issued and is therefore still under the control of the recipient.

The Bitcoin price went through $13,000 this week, but we are only in the „first inning“. That is what Paul Tudor Jones said in an interview with news channel CNBC.

The influential Wall Street investor was interviewed by the charming Meltem Demirors, founder of bitcoin – and crypto fund Coin Shares.

Late last night Bloomberg reported that PayPal is interested in taking over the Bitcoin custody service Crypto Bank. The payment processor announced earlier this week that it will integrate the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and other cryptofund currencies. Now it appears that they are also interested in taking over (other) crypto companies.

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